Artie Yellowhorse, a legacy of love and craft

Families have been known to bond in many ways. For Yellowhorse family members, fine jewelry design is their common thread. And with influences of the Navajo culture, blended with the bold fashion of the southwest, this is beatufully refined American art with a multi-generational evolution. Across the nation, the work of Artie Yellowhorse is known […]

Bio for New Artist, Dina Huntinghorse

  Wichita jewelry designer Dina Huntinghorse incorporates a blend of traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques to create masterful works of wearable art. Although gold and silver work is rarely seen among the tribes of the Great Plains, Dina’s life experiences introduced her to the craft, and inspired her to develop her own unique style. Raised […]

Traditional Wampum

Today, there are few native craftspeople recreating Wampum work. Wampum beads originally from the Quahog round clam shell of the eastern Canada and New England coast were used for communications and treaties amongst North American native tribes, and later in 1600s and 1700s, with Europeans. When supply of Quahog dwindled, Europeans imported glass wampum beads […]

Navajo Artist BrughTsosie Bio in His Own Words

The following is bio is from one of the talented artists we at LittleFeathers rely on to produce some of the most beautiful Native American jewelry available today.  We hope reading this bio will give you a new appreciation for one of Americas’ national treasure, Hand Made Native American Jewelry!  Enjoy. “Ever since I was young […]

Can sunlight and heat damage turquoise?

The answer is yes, if it stabilized. I gave my daughter a turquoise pendant a couple years ago. She is not really a turquoise enthusiast, so she rarely wore it. In fact most of the last two years, the pendant was hung on a jewelry tree on her dresser. The jewelry tree was exposed to […]

Sleeping Beauty Mine Closure

We heard rumors that the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe Arizona has closed, so we contacted the mine headquarters directly to get the real story. Unfortunately, the  rumors are true. The mine has been closed to turquoise mining since august 2012. The owners of the mine decided to concentrate on copper mining only as the price […]

How to Identify Imitation Turquoise

Imitation turquoise comes in many forms that include glass, ceramics, clays, and minerals such as Howlite and Magnasite. Identifying these imitations is difficult due to today’s technology, allowing individuals to create pieces that fool even experienced dealers and buyers. The first defense you have in identifying these imitations is price. If a piece of jewelry is […]

How to identify Natural Turquoise

The first thing to understand about today’s turquoise market is that 85% of available turquoise gemstones  is treated in one form or another. The other 15% of turquoise is called “natural turquoise”. Natural turquoise is hard enough to shape, polish and set into jewelry without any treatments. Natural turquoise will demand a higher price due to its rarity. […]

What is Wild Horse

Wild Horse is not Turquoise. There are some merchants passing it off as a special kind of Turquoise. Do Not be fooled! Wild Horse is the name of a type Magnesite with Hematite. As far as we can tell, there is only one source for Wild Horse. Its color is a mixture of brown and white markings and gets its […]

What is Mojave Purple Turquoise

Purple Turquoise, or Mojave Purple Turquoise,  has popped up on the scene recently. You see it sold at Street fairs, on HSN, and other home shopping networks. There are many different explanations about what it actually is. Based on my research, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one source for this particular […]

Compressed Turquoise

When purchasing Turquoise Jewelry, keep in mind that “Compressed Turquoise” is not a single Turquoise nugget or Cabochon that has been processed to enhance its beauty. It is a collection of separate smaller nuggets, added to a resin and compressed into blocks. Some are dyed to enhance the color. These blocks are then sawed into slices and worked […]

What is Native American Old Pawn Jewelry

Native American Old Pawn Jewelry can be said to have a history. At one time it belonged to Native American families and were worn for tribal ceremonies, used as collateral for cash, and carried spiritual healing powers. These pieces were not originally created to sell to the public. They were created for the sole purpose of family ownership. […]

How to clean Turquoise and Sterling Silver Jewelry

To clean the Turquoise gemstones in your Jewelry, you will need a small bowl of warm water, a soft toothbrush, and a soft drying towel. Do not submerge your Turquoise in the water. Simply wet the toothbrush in the warm water and gently scrub the Turquoise stones. Do small sections at a time and dry with […]