Navajo Artist BrughTsosie Bio in His Own Words

The following is bio is from one of the talented artists we at LittleFeathers rely on to produce some of the most beautiful Native American jewelry available today.  We hope reading this bio will give you a new appreciation for one of Americas’ national treasure, Hand Made Native American Jewelry!  Enjoy.

“Ever since I was young it seems I’ve always been around silversmithing. Growing up helping my dad with little odds an ends of the trade. Mostly cutting around the edges and grinding, so we called it. I remember doing this and helping my dad as little as age 8. Most of the time it was boring, and a rarely desired task. But looking back, it taught me good work ethics. That’s about how far my father would let do. As for the trade, he was against it. Meaning he never really wanted us to fully learn the trade. Reasons being that eventually it takes its toll on the body. Mostly vision and breathing problems from the use of caustic chemicals and torches mainly used in the trade. So while growing up and all the way to graduating high school the most I had done was cut and grind as well as setting stones. After high school I started my own business doing a whole different trade. I had become an upholsterer and opened my own upholstery business. 13 years after, I found myself looking for work. The economy hit of 2006 thru 2009 forced me to close shop. Only then did I start learning more and more on how to make jewelry. The first years I was a stamper. Making only stamped cuffs and bracelets in silver. I had learned a lot about silversmithing at this time. Learning to design and make my own stamps. Learning the way silver could be worked. Either by stamping it with designs or hammering it into shapes, or bending and manipulating silver into jewelry…..into wearable art. Eventually going from that stage to finally learning the ways of the torch and further pushing the limits to my creativeness. My dad, my mentor had taught me his way…the Tsosie way and design of making jewelry. A style known visually and uniquely to the beginning. Influenced by traditional “Dineh” Navajo culture and Mother Earth. Mimicking leaves, vines, animals. Seeing the beauty that surrounds us and interweaving that with silver, and precious stones like turquoise. Always preparing and making our jewelry with good thought in mind. Adding that essence holyness that we, as Dineh people, live and abide by. That brings us to today. Making jewelry….still learning. A little about what influences me in my design. I like clean smooth, flowing features. I often use things I find in nature in helping me design. Branches…water flowing…beauty in nature with plants, flowers…clouds. Mixing traditional with a newer younger perspective all while still respecting traditional design. Today, I still am learning. Finding myself drawn to other old ways of jewelry making. I currently am learning the ways of casting. Casting with sand, clay, and even tufa stone casting. Ever pushing my imagination and the limitless possibilities of creating beauty! Always with good thought, and ties to the beauty that surrounds us…in true Tsosie fashion.”