What is Native American Old Pawn Jewelry

Native American Old Pawn Jewelry can be said to have a history. At one time it belonged to Native American families and were worn for tribal ceremonies, used as collateral for cash, and carried spiritual healing powers.

These pieces were not originally created to sell to the public. They were created for the sole purpose of family ownership. Thus these pieces were made with the highest standard of craftsmanship. They were treasured symbols of wealth, their culture, and carried spiritual significance.

When a family needed money for reasons ranging from medical emergencies to funds to plant crops, they would use their jewelry as collateral for the funding. Once harvest season was done, or they were able to recover from any emergency, they would pay off their loans and collect their heirlooms.

This cycle would and still does continue to this day. Unfortunately, some families, were not able to pay off their loans in the prescribed time. The Pawn broker, holding the loan note, would then be able to resell the jewelry to recoup his investment.

So, purchasing a Native American Old Pawn piece of jewelry comes with a bit of responsibility. The buyer should cherish the thought that they now are in possession of part of a Native American family’s history.